Brake Pads

We use industry leading brands such as Bendix, Protex, RDA, Brembo and more to make sure you have the correct pads in your vehicle to give you the best possible brake performance for the best price without compromising on your safety.

We have 4 Pad options available to ensure you get the right pad for your vehicle and driving type.


This pad is specifically designed for your daily drive, to reduce noise, dust and brake rotor wear. Giving you clean, quiet and long life brakes. If your car has pad wear sensors or indicators these generally come free of charge in the box.


Designed for European vehicles these pads have the E90 specifications required to ensure your braking system works as it is intended. Putting the wrong pads on your vehicle can effect the ABS and Traction control systems, especially on your technologically advanced car. There is one major difference our pads have that the Genuine options do not, our pads are much cleaner and longer lasting than Genuines. Black rims will be a thing of the past as will the excessive rotor wear associated with them. Euro cars braking systems are designed for cold climates in mind, to produce heat in the brakes to stop ice build-up. Which is great if you live in below freezing temperatures but in Australia’s climate it creates overheating and this is what creates all the wear and dust. Our pads are much more designed for Australia’s conditions, while still meeting the Euro requirements.


Our Four wheel drive pads are perfect for Off Road, Towing and Heavy use applications. They have a higher heat tolerance than the everyday pads but still give great pedal feel and performance at colder temps.


Designed for the ‘’Spirited’’ driver, these pads can be used for everyday driving right through to partial track use. Having an extremely high temp tolerance they wont fade like other pads, the trade off to this however is they can cause disc rotor wear and some dust.


We have an exclusive Pad Replacement Program (PRP), for more information on the PRP see the page.