Rotors And Drums

Brake Rotors and Drums are just as important to the brake performance of your vehicle as the pads. We offer a wide range of brands and performance options to give you all the options available and make sure you and your family are always safe and sound

Standard Rotors

Designed for everyday driving and light towing. These rotors are anodised and coated to reduce surface rust on the non contact areas to stop the orange rust look, this is especially important if you have alloy wheels where you can see the rotors.


Performance Rotors

These Rotors are for heavy use application and aesthetics, they come with directional slots and grooves to disburse heat better than standard rotors and allow the brakes to run cooler which reduces the possibility of overheating and pedal fade. Like the standard rotors these are also anodized to reduce the unsightly orange rust look through your alloy wheels.