There is no longer such a thing as a minor or major service. Todays varied and ever expanding range of vehicles means that every car and its maintenance needs are different. We offer a General service which covers; Oil and filter change, rotate and inflate tyres (where applicable), top up all fluid levels, adjust handbrakes, air conditioning performance test, Battery and Alternator test, complete safety check and even a car wash. If your vehicle has a service reminder we will even reset it for you. As part of the complete safety check we visually inspect the car and follow the log book specifications, if any other repairs are recommended or required we will let you know, quote the price but YOU decide if those repairs are to be performed, after all it’s your car and your money. If you choose not to complete the recommended repairs we will list them on the invoice, in order of importance and you decide when they are done, no hard sell, no nasty and unexpected bills. Our Technicians are trained to go over your vehicle with a fine toothed combe to make sure you are aware of any potential issue so you can trust your vehicle will get you where your destination safe and sound.